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Space Management & Visualization

Revolutionize space management with automated digital visualization. Streamline processes, ensure real-time updates, and foster collaboration effortlessly.
Existing Conditions
Stacking Plan

Maximize revenue with real-time updates on stacking plans and floor plans, expediting leasing processes and compliance.

Visualization-Driven Business Insights: Gain actionable insights into space utilization, tenant mix, and lease expirations through customizable visualizations with dynamic stacking plans and floor plans.

Space Optimization Made Easy: Identify vacancies, lease expirations, and optimization opportunities with visualized floor plans and stacking plans for informed decision-making.

Digitize and Automate Leasing

Enhance speed, accuracy, and profitability with end-to-end leasing process automation.

Lease Administration: Lease Administration Efficiency: Utilize lease administration tools for quick abstraction from a central source of truth, with automatic real-time updates for streamlined operations.

Accurate Rentable Square Footage: Ensure confidence in rentable square footage with data pulled from our Rentable Space Calculator, maximizing building valuations, correct operating expense pass-through calculations and billing, and ensuring compliance when marketing vacant spaces.

Building Lease Abstract
CAD File Floor Plan
CAD integrated

Directly interact with CAD files for enhanced data analysis and extraction, ensuring seamless integration and efficient workflows.

Seamlessly Interact with CAD Files: Eliminate the hassle of managing CAD files and the need for specialized software. Our platform integrates seamlessly, allowing direct interaction with CAD files without the need for AutoCAD. This streamlines workflows ensures accuracy, and prevents the loss of correct CAD files, providing users with efficient and accessible tools for data interaction and analysis.

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