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Flex Coworking & Revenue Management

Optimize multiple coworking spaces effortlessly. Access real-time updates on floor plans, space availability, and pricing for effective sales.
Coworking Main
Coworking Main
Space management for coworking

Eliminate outdated availability floor plan layouts & centralize sales teams.

Real-Time Data for Real-Time Decisions: Provides live data feed for local managers, sales staff, and executives.

Centralized Sales Productivity: Bridges the gap between sales and operations, offering instant access to current and future vacancies

Increased Revenue and Occupancy Rates: Maximizes revenue by optimizing pricing, identifying high-demand offices, and implementing targeted marketing campaigns.

Centralized Management and insights

Create location budgets, and manage progress in real time with actionable dashboards.

Actionable Executive Dashboards: Empowers executives with real-time KPIs and revenue insights.

Streamlined Operations and Efficiency: Centralizes data, reduces errors, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Coworking Dashboards

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