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Rentable Square Footage Hub

Maximize accuracy in tracking rentable square footage. Automate calculations, minimize compliance risks and stay ahead of changes effortlessly.
Rentable Square Footage
Rentable Square Footage
Central rentable square footage management

Eliminate spreadsheets, maintain accuracy, and update space changes in real-time.

Maximize Revenue: Ensure precise calculations eliminate errors, maximizing profitability. Link to marketing teams for seamless workflows and real-time updates.

Efficiency Enhancement: Streamline operations by automating rentable space calculations, saving time and resources.

Strategic Decision-Making: Empower informed decision-making with accurate, actionable insights for optimized leasing strategies, exportable to Excel for further analysis.

Save time, stay in compliance

Manage Op/Ex passthrough calculations, and ensure compliance.

Proactive Insights: Identify potential revenue discrepancies for proactive measures, easy Op/Ex passthrough calculations for billing, and reduced legal disputes.

Regulatory Adherence: Simplify compliance with standards like BOMA and REBNY for seamless regulatory adherence.

Transparent Reporting: Access auditable reports for transparent compliance assurance.

Operating Expense Passthrough

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