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5 Reasons why you Should Look Beyond Email to Manage Floor Plans

We all want to streamline. The average worker receives 120 emails a day and it's time to look beyond the inbox when it comes to sharing complex information involving multiple steps, users, and use cases.

We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in the commercial real estate industry--a digital transformation that is disrupting the industry's old ways with forward-thinking solutions. For instance, floor plans that can be easily accessed and shared by all stakeholders without long and confusing email chains.

Just as there are diverse use cases, there are also diverse users. The journey of a single floor plan can include being in the hands of commercial landlords, brokers, architects, tenants, marketers and more. 

In the commercial real estate space, managing the lifecycle of floor plans includes multiple iterations of test fits, tracking the most up-to-date as-builts, filling vacancies, accessing and viewing CADs, tracking methods of measurement and measurement data, and attempting to measure usage.

Shared drives and collaboration tools have begun to make managing this process easier for everyone involved, however email still dominates as the primary vehicle. 

Why email and floor plans are a bad mix:

  1. Emails are static and act as information silos. An email at rest stays at rest unless acted on by an outside force. Requesting and sending floor plans is a manual process and inboxes act as an information silo.
  2. CADs cannot be viewed in an email. Without a third party CAD viewer, emails simply shuffle CADs along leaving the recipient, sender or both blind to its content.
  3. Inboxes are an information black hole. The daily assault on your inbox creates a glut of information and action items. Even with meticulous organization, you’re navigating around unrelated content and potential distractions.  
  4. Retrieving and resending the same information is a time suck. A single email, for example an As-Built floor plan for a building up for lease, can be resent dozens of times. Similarly, managing the test fit process for a prospective tenant can feel like Groundhog Day.
  5. Individuals are responsible for data management. Everyone manages their own inbox in a closed system. This prevents active collaboration and just as importantly, a lack of oversight which makes data accuracy more of a wish than reality.

Say goodbye to email challenges and embrace the emerging ecosystem of solutions for managing floor plans. 


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