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Revolutionize Commercial Real Estate Management

Transform your commercial real estate management with our all-in-one solution. Our platform links different aspects of property management, asset management, finance, leasing, marketing and architecture to provide a single source of truth. Streamline your operations and gain better insights into your portfolio. With our software, you can manage your properties with ease.

Your Building's Command Center


Advanced Digitization and Visualization

Automated stacking plans, interactive floor layouts, and customizable overlays for enhanced property insights.


Comprehensive Portfolio Dashboards

Customizable portfolio dashboards for real-time insights, optimized pricing, and date driven decisions.


Accelerated Test Fit Automattion & Collaboration

Automate test fits, boost collaboration, and streamline communication with Floorwire's tools.


Unified Square Footage Measurement

Manage BOMA & REBNY, centralize square footage data, and streamline decision making.


Streamlined Flex Space and Revenue Management Automation

Optimize flex coworking space management and boost revenue with automated tools.


AI Powered Lease Abstracting & Property Vault

Centralize building info and enhance lease management with AI-powered lease abstracting.

The Misnner Group
Carr Companies

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