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Comprehensive solution

Transform your commercial real estate management with our all-in-one solution. Our platform links different aspects of property management, asset management, finance, leasing, marketing, and architecture to provide a single source of truth. Streamline your operations and gain better insights into your portfolio. With our software, you can manage your properties with ease.

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Improved efficiency

Effortlessly manage your commercial properties with our software. Our digitization and visualization features, portfolio analysis, flex co-working and revenue management, rentable space calculations, and test fit automation can help you save time, reduce errors, and make better decisions. Our software will help you maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

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Flexible configurations

Tailor your commercial real estate management to your specific needs with our customizable and integrative software. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM or ERP systems, accounting and inventory software, and property management tools. You can achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently with our software. Say goodbye to rigid software and hello to flexibility and customization.

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