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Floorwire is the ultimate solution for asset and property management, providing architects, engineers, lawyers, property managers, and other real estate professionals with a centralized hub for streamlined operations. With Floorwire, you can geolocate all your projects, buildings, and developments, while accessing consolidated information from a single source for due diligence review, property management, and asset analysis. Our platform serves as the central source of truth, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your real estate portfolio with ease. Seamlessly manage your assets, gain comprehensive insights, and ensure operational excellence. Furthermore, Floorwire is meticulously designed to cater to accountants and financial professionals, offering a reliable documentation and assurance repository for precise asset assessment and depreciation.

The Floorwire platform primarily services the commercial, industrial, and governmental real estate industries, to include owners, architects, engineers, property managers, lawyers, accountants, property owners, REITs, and developers, as well as others.

Floorwire is infinitely customizable and flexible, allowing us to take direct input from our Customers so that we can tailor each user’s Floorwire experience best to meet a given need or set of needs.

Floorwire is a collaborative exchange platform that provides a secure vault for files, documents plans and other materials using Non-fungible token, or “NFT,” technology.

In a broad sense, NFTs are unique, digital assets stored on a blockchain, allowing for an unalterable and tamper-proof record of ownership and usage rights of the materials.

Each file or document uploaded to Floorwire is given a unique NFT that is securely stored on the blockchain. This technology ensures that only authorized parties can access the files and documents, and that any changes made to the materials are recorded and traceable.

Floorwire offers its customers a well-organized, consolidated, secure and collaborative exchange platform for all manner of files, plans and documents using NFT technology. It serves primarily the commercial, industrial, and governmental real estate industry as its clients. If you would like to learn more about what Floorwire can do for you and your company, please contact any of the Floorwire professionals below, and we can provide you more information about the product, its pricing and how it can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our Team

A unique combination of real estate, architecture & design, cybersecurity & project management disciplines and expertise.

Paul Singh

Paul Singh

Greg Carpentier

Greg Carpentier

Founder & CEO
Frederick Bearsch

Frederick Bearsch

Sherri McGurnaghan

Sherri McGurnaghan

VP of Sales Enablement & Security Compliance

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